4 Animals Quiz, Riddle

Welcome to the Four Animal Quiz!

What’s up my friend!  

As parents, we’ll do whatever it takes for our kids.  

Do you remember what it’s like to be a teenager thinking about life after high school? I know when I asked my teachers and guidance counselors for career advice, their response was always the same…“Clayton, you’re a good student who’s good at math. You need to be an engineer.”

That’s the extent of most career guidance. It’s not wrong, it’s just incomplete.

Fast forward 5 years after completing my engineering degree and the realization that I’d chosen the wrong career was becoming more apparent every day. But now with a family depending on my income, my career possibilities are extremely limited. Frustration daily!

According to Gallup, 85% of people hate their job.

I spent the next 15 years “wandering in the desert”. I left engineering, worked on church staffs in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, before ultimately finding my sweet spot as a speaker, author, entertainer and evangelist. I thought my wandering days were behind me.  

Until my son said, “Dad. This is the thing I think I want to do.”

Talk about a punch to the gut! No way was I going to allow my son to spend the best years of his young life wandering the desert, restlessly searching for a job that would bring him fulfillment. No way could I allow him to spend years hating his job. No way!

This Four Animal Quiz is one of the many valuable tools I developed to help my son find his "Thing". The intersection of his God-given uniqueness and the vocations he’d love. This quiz is the starting point to help your child find a real job they really love.  

I believe in you! Clayton