Thing Finder enrollment is closed at this time. 

With enrollment closed, we have shifted our focus to our community and helping families discover what their teen really wants to do. 

If you would like to be notified next time THING FINDER enrollment opens, join our waitlist!!!! See you soon!

We introduce you to the powerful framework that will guide your child's future. You'll learn why it's so important for them to "Answer the Call to Adventure" now! Plus you'll see how the common No. 2 Pencil will forever change how you view the world. Believe me, now is the best time to be alive!

Get ready to learn your child's Biblical personality type. This is exactly how God has gifted and wired them to view the world. Our 4 Animal assessment is based on the Greatest Commandment as given by Jesus in the Gospels. This will be the funnest test ever taken!

What if your child could write their own future? While there's no crystal ball, this module will finally help your child design their future. They'll discover what matters most to them vocationally.

We'll combine Modules 1 - 3 to build a Dream 100 Career List so you and your child can explore the opportunities that perfectly fit his God-given skillset, wants and desires.

In a fun exercise, we'll narrow your child's Dream 100 Career List to their Top 3 Careers choices. This module will finally give them the direction and MOTIVATION you've both been looking for.

The #1 Super Simple Tool used by all successful people to win in their career field. This winning game plan will set your child up for a lifetime of success because they'll stand out as a leader in their industry.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Guess what..there's no right or wrong answers! Just good 'ole motivation for your child's future.

Now that you've found your thing, it's time to reflect on our progress. But this isn't a gimme module. Here you'll learn the One Thing you must do going forward to not only be successful, but live a life a significance!

The Academy includes powerful resources, interviews and case studies from real men and women in a variety of industries, from every background and walk of life.

College Graduates, Skilled Tradesmen, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders

The are the exact resources I used to motivate, encourage and guide my son along his Thing Finder's Journey.

TED Talks, Books, Videos, 

Each week we answer all your biggest questions about your kid's own Thing Finder Journey.

You'll not be left alone. You won't get stuck or be left hanging.

Hi, I'm Clayton! I am a storyteller, evangelist, speaker and entertainer who desires to see people live doing what they want to do. We know that God has given everyone a unique set of gifts and talents to share with the world. 

My events combine fun, family friendly humor, hilarious stories, encouragement and life-changing truth. My down-home delivery coupled with my energetic style and unbelievable stories reaches people of all ages from all walks of life.  

I married Leigh, my high school sweetheart, in 1997. We have three kids; Ethan, Maddie and Charlie and hope to adopt a few more soon! Our home town is West Monroe, LA and our hobbies are family, friends and food. We love to BBQ, boil shrimp or crawfish; invite all our friends over and enjoy life together. We absolutely love spending time with people.  

I cannot wait to welcome you our Thing Finder community of parents helping their kid "Find Their Thing"! 

See you soon!